Innovator Skåne

Innovator Skåne is owned by Region Skåne. Our mission is to utilize and develop the good ideas with commercial potential that is emerging in the everyday work of Region Skåne's employees.

To address current and future challenges we need new or improved products and services. Solutions that create jobs, save lives, enhance our competitiveness in the world and that help improve everything from health care to public transportation. That's why Innovator Skåne exists.

New solutions often emerge where there are real life needs. With more than 31,000 employees and activities covering everything from health to culture and public transport, Region Skåne has very good potential for finding and developing new and exciting ideas. Together we develop the idea technically, legally and commercially.

Kontaktperson: David Wensbo Posaric
Telefon: +46 (0)707-49 49 19